Honeymoon Dessert 满记甜品 @ Bugis

Honeymoon Dessert is a chain of dessert shop from HK. I tried it before during my trip to HK which is totally thumbs up. Since we are craving for desserts, so why not we give it a visit then.

We visited the Bugis branch.
There were queues when we got there and it was already 9pm ++. But the queue was fast and we managed to get seats within 15 minutes time.

Sister ordered Kiwi Iced- S$3.50
The combination of ice blended with fresh kiwi which produces the smoothie drink taste. There isn't strong taste of the kiwi though.

Mango Pomelo Sago -S$5.80
It is a well-known dessert where we can always find it in the list of the desserts shop menu. The mango taste was overripe that day. I still prefer the U-dessert version and in terms of portion, U-dessert provides a decent one.

Durian Pancake- S$4.50
This is a must order dessert if it happens in the dessert menu list. It's my favourite dessert. Too bad the taste was quite disappointing. Too much of cream and can't barely taste the durian. Picture also shows the cream is more than the durian. But the durian taste can be tasted when you sip it into the mouth but not enjoyable though.

Mango Pudding-S$3.70
Mango pudding which combines the mango fruit slices with the pudding. It comes with the condensed milk to enhance the overall taste. Nevertheless i would still prefer the original taste. I don't like the strong taste of the condensed milk all over the pudding. But my sisters enjoyed it. Individual preferences i would say.

Mango Sago-S$5.80
Half of a mango slice was cut and presented with the mango syrup and sago. But the mango was too ripe for us. The taste was sweet and delicious though.

Grass Jelly with Vanilla Ice-cream- S$4.80
This is something interesting as the combination turns out to be perfectly nice. The soft smooth grass jelly that goes with the icy vanilla ice-cream enhance the taste when you put it into your mouth. You can't taste the bitterness of grass jelly as it was covered u with the vanilla sauce.

Ended the post with my cousin.

Looking forward for more gathering then with more foodies and goodies to explore along the way. I would still prefer to have dessert back in JB as it provides valuable portion and satisfaction of taste. Honeymoon dessert was not bad as well as it's ambience and surroundings of the restaurant was pleasant. The services are prompt and good.

Address @ Bugis :-

200 Victoria Street
#01-70 Bugis Junction
Singapore 188021

Tel: 68370027
Opening Hours: 12:00-22:30


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