House of Steamboat @ Bugis - 火锅之家

Brand new year with a kick off start of post birthday celebration for cousin's birthday, Carmen. She recommended this place for steamboat celebration. House of Steamboat aka 火锅之家 located at Bugis.

This steamboat place provides two areas of dining which is air-con area and non air-con area. We choose air-con area but then the air-con was not on until more people flocking into the shop.

There are different type of soup base for us to choose.
We ordered Mother Hen Chinese Herbal Soup and Fish Bone Chinese Herbal Soup on that day.We all can't take spicy stuffs so we go for the two choices.

In case you would like to know, below are the choices of soup base available :-
  1. Mother Hen Chinese Herbal Soup (Good aphrodisiac tonic soup)
  2. Fish Bone Chinese Herbal Soup (Good aphrodisiac tonic soup)
  3. Traditional Chinese (Ma-Lak) Spicy soup
  4. Authentic Tom Yam Soup
  5. Traditional Hot & Spicy Soup
  6. Traditional Chinese Herbal Pork Belly Soup
Some snapshots of the foods that are available for steamboats:-

There are varieties from luncheon meat, fishcake, meatballs, fish ball, vegetables and much more. Snapshots for your viewing pleasure :)

Mantou with evaporated milk which deep fried on the outer and soft in the inner of the mantou. The evaporated milk enhance the sweetness of the mantou.

There are dory fish slices, mutton & beef slices, pork slices and chicken slices.
The thickness of the meats are nicely slice and it is just nice to dip into the hot soup.
The meats are fresh and marbling is nice as well.

The overall dining experience was pleasant as the service was good. They respond promptly when we called for services or order.

Ended the post with a group photo of the dinning companions.


House of Steamboat
7 Tan Quee Lan St
Singapore 188096


Vicki said...

Is the mantou unlimited ? :)

Vicki said...

Is the mantous self service and unlimited ? :)

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