December Weddings

24th December 2011 marks the big day for Vina.

She is actually my senior in my first job in singapore. She is such an adorable , smart, pretty lady that i get in touch with when i start working in foreign country. She is a cheerful lady and i'm glad she found her love. Did i mentioned that she is an indonesian chinese? She is married to Malaysian guy from KL. So sweet of them but too bad i cannot attend their wedding at KL.

Neverthless, i wish them a blissful marriage and embark to the new beginning of the stage!

2 days later which is on 26th December 2011 -Boxing Day is my secondary school best mate's wedding. She is an awesome lady and i see her achievement all the way and she is an independent lady. I managed to attend her wedding as it is held in JB. Just in time to witness her happiness before i headed back singapore for the usual routine.

Picture taken using iphone with instagram effects. I'm glad to have Alice to join in as well. I still remember en ling and alice were top academic students. Both of them has healthy competition and maintain good results during primary and secondary school time.

It was a nice gathering as i managed to catch up with Michelle. She is engaged on 30th December which appeared in the fb status now. The bf gave her a surprise. So sweet. I got to know her through English camp during primary school but not sure which year. It was a pleasant experience as we were still small and only few chinese students were selected for the english camp. That's the reason why we get to know each other.

Wedding lunch was nice. The foods are presentable and acceptable. Love the companions and glad to witness friend's happiness. This marks the last wedding that i attended towards end of the year. Year 2012 will be a year of happiness surrounded as well. I think it's the matter of age as my current age, many of my friends who has already found their partners are starting to settle down this year. Mm.. Truly is as i got 6 red bombs coming.

Wonder when will i have the chance to be the one giving out the red bomb instead. haha! I think i still has long way to go. But i going to tell myself to achieve my resolution on this brand new year!Make it happen and make it better...



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