Sky Lantern aka Floating Lantern

On the fifth day of CNY, i drove back kt to meet up with pre-date with a fren. But in the end, i spent my whole day with my seniors. Haven't meet up with Ruinnie for quite sometime and glad to meet her during CNY. Thanks to my senior.

So off we went visiting Ruinie's house and Justin's house before we headed off for lunch at SDS cakeshop at KT.
Group photos taken at each house.

The ladies who shared the common mentalities.
Kudos to us! *grins*

Lunch at SDS wasn't that satisfying in terms of taste bud.
The presentation is decent but the foods are so-so only. It is still acceptable to fill up our stomach.
After the lunch, we went to Thien Hou Kon temple for praying and also to set off our sky lantern aka. floating lantern.

It is also known as Kongming Lantern which is an airborne paper lanterns. It is one of our tradition Asian cultures. It is made of oiled rice paper constructed with small candle or waxy flammable material to lit up the lantern.

My wishes for family members and loved ones.
Credits to Ruinie as she helped me to write it down in chinese characters.

Let it fly up to the sky and bring my wishes along.

Hopefully everything will turn up to be fine ahead. Thank god my lantern is able to fly up the sky after all the hurdles and obstacles during the lit up process.


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