Weekend Update

Gorgeous evening view from One Fullerton. Headed over to The Butter Factory where the "Pretty in Pink" Charity Fashion Show was held. It is a collaboration from Pink Dolphin with Singapore online fashion label- Love Bonito to create awareness and charity fund for Breast Cancer Foundation.

It wasn't a pleasant start of the show as the rude security doesn't allow us to go in without the chop. The problem is that when we showed our acknowledgement ticket to the receptionist, they didn't even give us a chop and we do not aware of it at all. The security officer wants us to queue for the chop but the queue was super long at that moment. I was so frustrated and luckily one of the attendance told me to get the chop from the receptionist directly. The security guy should just ask me to get the chop from them directly instead of queuing back again! Ridiculous!

Neverthless , we considered lucky as we did not queue for the second time otherwise by the time we went up , there will no more available seats available. This is my first time attending fashion show and it was a great experience. They have auction on the outfits that were modeled by the survivors of breast cancer ladies. All the contribution will be contributed to the breast cancer foundation.

Took a snapshot with my sis and luckily she is free to attend together with me.
Thanks, laurel ;)

Outfit of the day:-

Black dress: Purpur
Bag: Coach
Shoe: Bugis Street

Not forgetting the gorgeous night view of MBS on Saturday night.


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