U-Dessert @ Taman Sutera

U-dessert again! I know i keep posting desserts of the same place. But my parents have not tried before. So we brought them for dessert on the first day of the year. Desserts are sweet and mostly are fruits so consider healthy as well. But not too much of durian intake of course.

If you are interested of other desserts that are available at U-Desserts, you can check out my post here and here.

This time round i have varieties of desserts to share as we have 7 of us.
But there are must order dessert when we drop by.

Durian pancake- RM4 per pc. We ordered 2pcs.
It is simply savoring durian taste!

Mango, pomelo and grass jelly with mango syrup RM8.80.
Today's mango is sweet and refreshing.
Loving the taste of mango and it goes well with the grass jelly.

Tofu pudding & pomelo RM7.80
Tofu pudding is smooth but the taste wise is so so only.

Mango & Pomelo in sago sweet soup ice-cream RM8.80.
Simply cooling and refreshing! The taste of vanilla ice-cream melted into the mango syrup and the sweetness of the dessert can be taste immediately.

Mango, Pomelo in Sago sweet soup and basil seeds RM8.80.
The mango taste is strong here and you can feel the basil seeds when you have it with the soup and mango.

Mango Chong Fan RM8.80
In-house recommendation dessert.
The mango slices are wrapped with chong fan and the syrup on the outer layer of the chong fan. The taste of mango sweetness is there. And chong fan has thin layering and it able to bring out the taste of the mango.

Papaya and aloe in coconut milk RM9.80.
This is huge portion and it will be best to have 2 persons to consume together.
The colour of papaya is orangish and it goes well with the aloe vera and coconut milk. Not too sweet and it is just nice to eat with.

Sago and durian RM5.80
Truly taste of durians. Loving it. My parents can't get enough of a bowl of it.

U-Desserts @ Taman Sutera Address:-

No. 73 Jalan Sutera Tanjung 8/2
Taman Sutera Utama
81200 Johor Bahru


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