Tomo Izakaya @ Esplanade

Tomo in Japanese means "friends".
This japanese restaurant named Tomo Izakaya located at Esplanade is a nice place for dining. The decoration of the restaurant are mostly in woods and placed origami handicraft on the wall. They also have sake bottles to be used as decorations as well.

Below are the selection of foods that we ordered:-

Zaru Soba @ S$9
I like the cold noodle which taste refreshing. The texture of the noodle is very Q and the sauce that goes with the spring onion, wasabi and sesame is splendid.

A snap of photo after we combine all the ingredients into the sauce taken below for reference.

This is something new to me.
Ton-Shabu Salad S$12.50
Thinly sliced boiled pork with onion and mixed salad in sesame dressing. Simply splendid! The thickness of the boiled pork is not more than 5mm and combination with the salad gives the refreshing taste.

Dashimaki Tamago S$7.00
The tamago is something different from the taste one we had normally.
The texture is smooth and not so sweet as well.

Ninniku Jyako Fried Rice S$10.50
We don't enjoy it. The fried rice is dried and we need to drink ocha to digest the fried rice.

Overall the foods here are delicious except for the fried rice.
It is quite disappointing though.


Tomo Izakaya @ Esplanade Art Centre
8 Raffles Avenue,
#01-09, Esplanade Art Centre
Singapore 039802

Tel: 6333 0012


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