Project 365- My Grandpa

He is much better now based on mum. His eyes was swollen with bruises on the first day and today is better. But still the eyes are still red and swollen. There are stitches above his eyes at the eyebrow area. He can't sleep well as well and his memory is getting better as he can recall back that he was being robbed and worried about his house, car and stuffs. It hurts to see him like that. He was worried til can't sleep and keep thinking why this happen to him.

He is already 84 yrs old this year and has to suffer the internal and external injuries. Everyone who sees him like this will surely heart break.
Today, he is much better and he able to come out from the bed and walked slowly and brush teeth himself. But he still coughing badly :(

Hope grandpa will recover soon.
Pray for him :)

*Snap using iPhone + app*


Huai Bin said...

Hey I'm sorry to hear that. My best wishes are with you and your grandpa. Hope he gets well soon! <3

Hazel said...

Thanks Huai Bin :)

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