Tokyo Deli Cafe

Finally meet up with Yong Hui aka Maureen after several of attempts to fix a date. Blame for my busy schedule and workloads that makes my date keep postponing. Sorry guys but my current jobs really can't give me a fix time to go back on time.

I still remember it was a raining day and we changed our location to Raffles City Shopping Centre. So YH recommended this cafe called Tokyo Deli Cafe for our dinner.

Basically the foods that they served are displayed at the display counter in front of the cafe.
Photo shown below.

Snapshot of the cafe environments

We wanted to try different kind of dishes and decided to call 4 types of dishes as a set for each person. The dishes are served as cold dishes.

From top right to left : Boiled squid with garlic stalk and bittergourd in japanese miso dressing & Berry Panna cotta 100gm. The boiled squid that goes with the garlic stalk and bittergourd doesn't have the bitterness as it is covered up by japanese miso dressing. Taste refreshing though. As for the berry panna cotta, the combination of the strawberry and panna cotta was excellent. It wasn't too sweet and taste like pudding with creamy.

From below right to left: Marinade Salmon & fresh vegetable salad (Yuzu dressing) followed by Lotus root salad in genovese mayonnaise. I love the freshness taste of salmon sashimi with the yuzu dressing. The combination of lotus root with mayonnaise is fascinating as well. First time trying and i can't get enough of it.The crunchy sound of the lotus root and the juiciness goes well with the mayonnaise.

All the dishes costs S$3.80 per serving.
From Top Right to Left: "Japanese Grandmother's recipe No.3" Simmered pork belly sweet shoyu flavour & "Japanse Grandmother's Recipe" Healthy simmered vegetables. Both has the taste of chinese cuisine and homecook feel. Personally think that the simmered pork belly is best to go with plain rice. As for the healthy simmered vegetables, the colour of vegetables are beautiful and fresh taste as well.

From below right to left: Grilled eggplant miso sesame paste & Fried chicken original tartar sauce. The grilled eggplant is soft and tender and blend it well with the miso sesame paste. As for the fried chicken, it is quite disappointing. I think the chicken meat was a bit hard that day but it definitely goes well with tartar sauce.

All servings are S$3.80.

Pleasant dinner with good companion of the night. We had chit chat during the dinner and talked about the phases of life and what's the plan for the coming months or years.
Nevertheless the friendship bonding still staying strong there.

Address: 252 North Bridge Road, #01-16 Raffles City Shopping Centre


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