Yayoiken @ Liang Court

Finally have the chance to try Yayoiken which is next Medi-ya supermarket located at Liang Court. Thanks to my colleagues for the dinner treat.

The view of the restaurant

Foods that we ordered that night :-

Gyoza aka Japanese dumplings @ SGD4.90.
The skin of the dumplings are thin enough that we able to taste the ingredients in it. Gyoza taste nice with the ready sauce made.

Miso Katsu Set SGD 13.90
Simmered pork cutlet with miso paste set.
The pork cutlet was nicely done and the meat texture was not too hard. The potatoes are cooked well as well. Presentation is splendid as well.

Combo Hamburg set SGD18.90
Combo steaks with hamburg, wiener sausages and bacon set.
This set is a combination of japanese-western style. Nevertheless the taste is good. The bacon and wiener sausages are nicely grilled and you can taste the grill taste. Not too oily and it as nicely cooked.
The salad was quite a big portion. It is a refreshing appetizer and able to cleanse after the greasy sizzling combo set.

Momoji Set SGD13.90
Beef, fried prawn and pork cutlet topped with egg set. It is a filling set as the set has so many ingredients to go with the plain rice. Nothing special of the set but the taste is good in terms of the quality of the foods.

Special Steak Mix Set SGD19.90
Beef, chicken & hamburg steak on hotplate set. The staff was considerate when he takes his order. He will ask how we would like the beef to be done. So the slice beef turned out to be just the way i want it to be. The meat texture is tender and easy to chew. There is also mayonnaise to dip with and the taste is delicious as well. I like the sliced bacon as well.

Nice place for dinning and great ambiance as well.
The price is acceptable and the waiters are very attentive and prompt to services.
The foods are served within 20 minutes which fulfilled the servicing timing.

Check out their website here with full details of the restaurant.

Yayoiken Japanese Restaurant
Medi-ya Supermarket
177 River Valley Road
#B1-50 Liang Court Shopping Centre
Singapore 179030


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