328 Katong Laksa

Sunday is a family day and we (my family members) had a great bonding over the weekend. After we check out from the hotel which is totally awesome. I will share on the coming post then.
So,we headed to east coast road for lunch.

Finally have the chance to try Singapore famous 328 Katong Laksa. You never go wrong when u ask around where to try the famous katong laksa in singapore. People will direct you to the 328 Katong Laksa which is located along the shop lots and not easy to find car park there. We need to park at the residential area and walked to the stall to try.

One of the random featured on the wall that i was seating.

The view of the long list of photos and news reviews that was featured around Singapore. There are many local and overseas actors and actresses featured on the wall.There are pictures of the owner which is the ex-beauty queen, Lucy Koh posing with the celebrities.

It shows how famous Katong Laksa it is and spread around the little island of Singapore.

The shop has two areas with air-conditioned area and non-air conditioned area.
We opt for the air-conditioned area of course.We were being served immediately asking for orders. It was so fast that we yet to settle down and decide although we know that we are here for laksa. Lolz.

I ordered the medium size of laksa to try. The laksa comes with 3 sizes which are small @ SGD4, medium @ SGD5 and large @ SGD6. The laksa comes with the thick bee hoon, slices of fish cake, cockles, prawn and sprinkles of laksa leaves, fragrant coconut gravy which is not too heavy or spicy. I thought it is spicy type but totally wrong about it and i enjoyed the laksa. Did i mentioned that the laksa is served with soup spoon only? You can totally finish up the whole bowl without the help of a pair of chopstick.

Oh ya..there is also sambal paste on the table to add up the spice of the laksa. But i would prefer the original taste of the laksa.

First time trying and low expectation on how people exagerating the famous katong laksa, it turned out to be delicious for me and my family members. I rarely take laksa but katong laksa really suits my taste bud after all. I am craving for it after the first bowl.

Address :-
328 Katong Laksa
51 East Coast Road
Singapore 428770
Opening hours: 9am to 9pm


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