You realize you are adult/old when ...

--- you smell freedom and dangers in life...

--- u have to manage your financial independently

--- you realize the power of money can do

--- u have to pay taxes yearly and make sure you do your own e-filling

--- u have to clear bills monthly

--- red bombs keep coming in

--- u feel that time is so limited per day and wish for 48 hours a day

--- u snooze every morning just to get to sleep even for a few minutes.
I admit i always snooze all the time..

--- just want to go straight home after work everyday cos missing the cosy bed

--- it is finally TGIF and no need to set the alarm for the following days

--- you listen to radio and 80% you are not aware of the singer name

--- commitment is needed to your family and loved ones

--- worried about health care and aware of the importance of staying healthy

--- start planning for your fu
I was blog hopping and show the blog title of this from a blog that made me want to list down as well. It is so true that it made me realize that things just happened so fast and time flies.

It's all part parcel of life and we learned through hard way most of the times to realize the meaning of happiness. Happiness can be so simple but yet hard to define. Everyone has their own way to find their happiness. We find happiness in unexpected places, we find our way back to the things that matters the most.

Sometimes it just such funny that things will just wind up the way it is exactly where it started. It's just like the globe or curve ball where it goes around and comes back to the starting point.

What comes around goes around :)

So how do you realize you are adult then?


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