DIY Teabags

Had loose jasmine flowers and ginsengs so I decided to customize my very own D.I.Y teabags for me and my loved ones. I can put it into the portion of a person which is just nice to take it out and drink anytime & anywhere.

First of all.. prepare the ingredients you want for your customize tea bags . I had my jasmine flowers and ginsengs separated . I managed to get the filter tea bags which is very convenient to just put the ingredients in. If not, you can always customize your own filter.

But you need to get the filter paper and cut into sizes and stitch every side of the edge of the filter in order to fill in the loose leaves.

The ready made filter has a hole to allow us to put in the leaves.

Once you filled up the ingredients you want, you can flip the layer of the filter to close it and seal it nicely. No worries of the ingredients to flow out of the filter bag.

Tadah..the end result which is quite simply to do it and fast as well.

You can always try it yourself and put in the ingredients you want for your D.I.Y filter tea bags. Now i can just take one and dip into hot water and ready to serve and enjoy :)


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