HK Travelogue I

 Lotsa of photos taken during the trip to HK recently. I was too slack to get the photos in sequence to post in my blog. So here we goes with the first post of my travelogue. This time round we have 6 of us travelling and mostly to conquer the famous foods place in Mongkok area as we are staying at Mongkok.

 You can check out my previous trip here(HK Disneyland) .I just realize that i didn't blog much about the first trip as it was mainly a shopping trip with Daphne.  

YL said Changi airport is awarded as the best sleeping airport and off we went to stay overnite at the airport to catch the early morning flight. I should have stayed at home and laze in my cosy bed than to go to airport late. Lolz. 

Our early morning look pic taken in front of the counter.

Snap shot of us arriving at HK airport

It was Josh first trip to HK and he is excited to find out where are the nice places to go in HK. That's how he approached girls in public. Everyone is paying attention to listen to the lady information.

After all the Q&A with the ladies, we headed to the bus interchange in airport and took a direct bus to our budget hotel, Mongkok.We settled down our luggage and off we went to Wong Tai Sin Temple (黄大仙祠). We took to Wong Tai Sin MTR station (Green line Ext B2) to reach the destination. Our ez-link card which is also known as Octopus card can be bought any MTR station. It will be very convenient to access within MTR stations.

Photos taken along the way to the Temple and also within the temple..

There are many fortune tellers' stalls outside the temple servicing the prayers on their divine lot which they got it when they prayed. This is the traditional Chinese prayers do as prayers will kneel before the main altar and make a wish and shake the bamboo cylinder until a fortune stick falls out.Then the stick will exchange with a divine lot and prayers will get the fortune tellers to interpret the meanings behind it.

Random photos taken along the path we came across in and out the temple...

This is the bamboo cylinder that i mentioned earlier and each fortune sticks has the numbering stated on to exchange with the divine lot.

Here is my outfit of the day: 
Blazer: LoveBonito
Top: White Plain Top
Bottom: Levis Jeans
Boot: HK

After visiting the temple, we headed to have desserts which will posted in another post.
Never to miss the Symphony of Lights to view the spectacular lighting combination of laser and music performance which starts at 8pm every night. The flow of the laser and the lighting synchronize well to fill the viewers' eyes for 10 minutes.

After the performance, we headed back to our hotel area for dinner. I was browsing places to eat in HK earlier and found this place from the recommendation from website.

 兴记 (Heng Geh)
19 Temple Street, Yau Ma Tei

It is located at one of the lane and rather dodgy place. It doesn't seems very pleasant look from outside but fret not the food is not bad. It serves yummy claypot rice, clams in blackbean sauce and oyster omelette. Their oyster omelette is totally different from the one we had here locally. The egg was not thick and can totally taste the oyster unlike the ones we had here is too much of omelette and can't really taste the oyster. 
As for the price wise, it is affordable and can be put as one of the list for budget good food when you travel there. 

Click on the picture for clearer look. 

*Close up of the fried oyster with omelette which shouldn't miss out from the list*

Basically we are exhausted for the day as we did not have a proper rest since the night before and ended up around 10 plus pm back to hotel. It was quite surprisingly that we saw there are still many people walking along the passage of the city even after midnite. I guess HK people would prefer to stay outside longer than back to their home nest to face the four walls. Here ends the HK travelogue post 1.


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