Singapore Twitter Frenzy with Sentosa

 Thanks to Omy for the invitation to the award ceremony for Singapore Twitter Frenzy last saturday. It was quite a surprise as i receive the invitation from twitter first. So I was allowed to bring a guest along and i invited Beansprout together. She was excited to join the ceremony with me as it is held at Wavehouse Sentosa. 

Upon arriving, we were given few sentosa brochures and also the limited edition of Sentosa badge. Each of us was given a ticket of an hour ride of FLOWBARREL. Awesome isn't it?

The event includes the lucky draw and stage games. The prizes include Island memberships, Play Passes and digital cameras!Too bad we didn't get the chance to win it. We also took picture of the banner to try our luck to win some prizes. But too bad fail!

Photos of the day:-

Photos taken using iPhone & Beasprout's DSLR Canon Camera

 It was a pleasant day as we managed to meet Silver Ang in real person. She is adorable and full of smile on her faces. We approached her after the event to get a snap.She is a blogger too and she blogs here.

It is also my first time being amazed by the wonderful voice of local Youtube celebrity Shimona Kee. She was the performer of the event. She sings very well. We even played games with her through twitter. Whoever gets the correct answer is able to get a copy of her album CD. She is a sweet person as well.

Here's the twitter username. 
You guys can add her from the below picture shown.

After the event, we went strolling along the beach. There is nothing much to be seen so we headed off to Vivo City for a quick bite. That's where our friendship starts to grow. It's quite weird for me to phrase it such way but then we found out that we shared similarities in mindset. So hopefully we can have more outings together next time :)

We ended off the outing with the belgium waffle with vanilla ice-cream.
 It was a good recommendation from Beansprout and definitely will go for more next round.

Here is the song that i fall in love with Shimona's work. 
Do take some time to listen and definitely a pleasant one :)

Official Website:


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