TCC @ Marina Keppel Bay

It was an impromptu dinner affair with ex-colleagues last friday. It was my first time to Marina Keppel Bay and many thanks to Jo for bring me over to enjoy the night view at keppel bay. It was silent romance night view for me. The lights of the cables and the Reflections' Building lights have light up the dark night. Awesome place for romance! Too bad i am with girls not guy.

TCC (The Connoisseur Concerto) has a branch here as well. I also get to know TCC GSS promotion special going on til 22nd July 2012. So why not? It was full house when we reached there around 8 plus and we waited for approximately 15 minutes outside before we can get a seat inside the cafe. One of the service staff was extremely friendly and professional. He served us ice water while we are waiting and chat with us which at the same time recommend the main course to us.

Took a picture of the menu as the staff explained that the branch here has different design of menu and choices as well. Totally match with the keppel by the bay concept :)

One and only picture of me for the night. Nobody wants to take picture. 
So i camwhore with my food then. I know i have tired eyes but i try to open my eyes big big dy.. hehe!

Since the promotion is one for one main course, we ordered 4 sets to share with 3 persons. Sound like a glutton here. So they will charge whichever higher price for 2 main courses out of 4 main courses. Awesome isn't it? You get to try different type of it and come back for more next time.

Homely-Style Beef Stew S$20.80
It's the combination of braised beef stew, asparagus and baked new potatoes. The beef was nicely done. The fats or we called it collagen and the meat texture was soft and tender. It blend into the sauce prepared. It was just nice to share among friends as i think it's too much of meat for me. But overall was awesome. I can find the satisfaction for the beef stew.

Grilled Kurobuta Pork Loin with Rosemary Wine Jus S$27.80
Combination of kurobuta pork loin, roasted fingerling potato,carrot stick, US asparagus served with rosemary wine jus and apple puree. Fantastic i would say but i would prefer the meat texture is be not to hard to cut/ slice it. I had difficulties to cut it into slices. Although it seems to be hard to cut, but it's not hard to chew. The sauce prepared soften the meat texture of the pork loin and you can enjoy chewing it.

Jalapeno Salmon S$22.50
Pan-smeared salmon, spicy lotus root, broccolini, baked new potatoes, capscium salsa and jalapeno cream. Not a fan of cooked salmon though but this dish turned out to be acceptable one for me. I would prefer salmon sashimi then. The salmon was medium well done as per requested and the skin is cripsy. The salmon colour is beautiful and so is the taste. I love the jalapeno cream which goes perfectly well with the salmon.

Chicken & Turkey Bacon Lasagne S$16.50
Smoked turkey bacon slices, mozzarella cheese, tomato mushroom sauce and parmesan cheese ring bouquet. The combination turned out to be delicious. It was served hot and you can smell the mixture of cheese and tomato sauce. The ingredients are rich and you can taste the chicken and smoked turkey bacon slices for almost each mouth. 

Finally have a nice dinner to end the tiring week. Working has been very taxing with the deadlines and responsibilities. So i told myself to reward myself with good foods. 

TCC is also well known with their drinks and we ordered some to try. Forget the name of the drinks but it was recommended by the staff and it turned out to suit my tastebud though.

Ended the friday night enjoying the view from the restaurant and chit chatting all the way. Totally feel relaxed as if celebrating the countdown of weekend. Neverthless reality is cruel and here we are back to the brand new week and start to strive for nobody business.

Happy Monday Blues!


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