Nut Say

It has been a long time since i had my Nut Say column. So here I am posting my experience of the Dove free kit sample for hair loss. There is a free leave-on intensive hair tonic starter kit worth SGD6 from the link at the right side ads of my blog. So i click into it and share my hair loss story here and got myself a free kit to try it.I received last week and started to try on the kit. 

No photos of me applying in on my hair.hehe! I applied it after my hair wash and the texture is watery and non-sticky type. It's very convenient to use and i used up a bottle a day. Can't see the result immediately as it takes time to feel and see the changes.

So got 2 bottles for me to try. it's as small as my palm of hand and i think it's perfect useful instead of buying big bottle and lazy to use them. 

Here's a pic of a dip drop of the hair tonic kit for your view. 

All photos taken using iPhone 4s. 
So the photos aren't that good quality due to the light. 
Anyway, just a sharing column of my point of view here :)


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