A Day Without Work

It has been quite sometime since i patronize Ootoya. So I decided to head over for quick lunch during Singapore National Day. Ya i know this is outdated post. I have lotsa backlog posts to share. Anyway, this is one of my favourite restaurant and this time round Justin & Daphne joined me for the lunch. The menu has changed but the chef recommendation dishes still remain and i presume that there are new dishes as well. 

My favourite Torisalad which never fail to fill up my craving and empty stomach. I love the meat tenderness and the nicely grilled smell of the dish. Check out my post about this dish here and here.

Justin with his choice of the day. it's also chicken set meal. 
Forget the actual name of the dish. But he certainly finish up the set meal and even refill rice to finish up the dishes.

It is actually a day for my insurance agent to meet J&D for discussion. So we waited for her almost 2 hours as she was held up with her last minute work issues. She treated us coffee as a token of apologies for being late. We had a good chat and everyone get to know each other and share stories together. Glad that afternoon was well-spent with information input to our knowledge.

Just a short post on how i spend my holiday during Singapore national day. It was casual meeting and makan session only. It is also my sister's birthday but we had our pre-celebration the day before. 

Gonna post about our family bonding cum celebration for both my sister and I soon.

Till then..


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