Geylang Claypot Rice @ Lorong 33

It was an imprompt dinner date with ex-colleague last weekdays. She drove us to the famous geylang claypot rice for dinner. It was told that customers will call to make reservation for the claypot rice to avoid waiting for too long in the restaurant/ coffeeshop. True enough that once we arrive the place, the seats are almost empty but the kitchen staffs are still very busy. We were told that they can only serve us the claypot rice in 20-30minutes time.

Didn't really take much of the photos but you can check their official website for more visual appearance.
What is so special of this claypot rice is that it is cooked from scratch using charcoal. So it takes longer time to serve the dish. The fire flames widely using charcoal and this enhance the fragrance of the claypot rice.

The beauty of eating claypot rice is having the crunchy burnt bits of the rice which mixed with the salted fish and sliced chicken meat. Though it is not that healthy to eat burnt bits but no harm having them once in a blue moon? No?

We ordered assorted vegetables to go with the rice. Simply wok cooking style..

Clam is one of our dish on that night. See how big is the clam meat!

Pork Ribs King which simply taste sweet and nice.
The meat texture is tender and Q too.

The dinner was simple and nice. It was a birthday treat from my ex-colleague, Jo Tan. So i finally get to try Singapore famous claypot rice at Lorong 33 which doesn't really give me big surprises on the taste buds.
I still prefer Malaysia's claypot rice though.


You can always drop by to try the famous claypot rice.
Below are the details for your reference:-

Geylang Claypot Rice

639 Geylang Road 
Lorong 33

67444574, 67443619

11.30am to 2.30pm

5pm to 12am


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