Birthday Thoughts

19th is a day that a 80's baby girl is born. She has grown from a baby girl to a lady. She has learnt that age and time does not wait for people. Time flies without realizing. It's a recap platform to pen down the changes ever since then. 

It has been a year since i back to Spore to work and this time round i see a different me. I became a workaholic due to my job scope. I learnt to not to think nonsense due to work stress everyday and not even have time to think as well. Working has been stressful and overload but then came along an unexpected path. I started to join bloggers' events and start to receive emails for invitation. I made new friends through the event and it also allows me to expand my social network as well. Friends from different groups, jobs and country over the event made me feel that the world isn't what i thought it should be. There is more to see, to know and to explore.

I see myself thinking different ways and perspective now. As we grow, our minds and thoughts are different. But i am glad to have friends who shared the same thoughts, grow together with me and share knowledge along the way. Families that grow old together and our bonding grows stronger as the days goes by. What matters the most is the thoughts that counts, the sincere hearts that touched the heart of individual mates.

Life has always been ups and downs. It is like riding a roller coaster. Full of excitements and challenges ahead. You dare yourself to brave the ride but sometimes you are afraid to take the ride. Perhaps taking the ride up does change the future path which we don't even know how will it goes. But what is important now is to get it moving. The courage to move on does not happen immediately. It's built through the obstacles and challenges throughout the journey. Some take it easily and some take it seriously. It's on how does individual deals with it.

Not everyone shares the same sentiments thoughts. I am lucky to have them in my life. Differrent stage of life comes different path, thoughts and people. Some are hi bye, some lost touch but some do stays. Although we are far apart, we share the same thoughts. I am glad to have you guys. I may be lonely but i tell myself i can input myself with positive mindsets and be proud of myself. Maybe you can achieve a certain thing and have something you wanted very easily but not for me. I need to fight for it, earn for it and make it happen. Maybe the time taken is more than anyone else, path taken is tougher than others, efforts paid off is more but that's the life it is. I maynot be fortunate and shared the easy life like others who are at my same level now. I felt sad and upset but i know i am different from others. I know i need to take longer time to achieve what i need to achieve. I need more efforts to input into the things that i want. Maybe the time isn't ripe yet. Maybe God wants it to be this way. Sometimes i feel lost and sense the negative stuffs, i cried, i think and i embrace it. I do grumble and compare too. I do ask myself lots of why, I keep things to myself and doesn't blur them out to anyone. I guess its a way of myself being protective to myself. But i do know that it's human nature for being so protective to own self from getting hurt and listen to things that I do not want to listen and fear to hear. Cruel reality with the advance technologies now enable us to get the attention we want but not realizing that it's all about wanting to get recognition from other people on what you yourself have done and proud of.

It's always important to overcome the fear within my soul and thoughts. Everything sounds so common sense when you and I are rational. But human are forever humans. Humans have feelings and my feelings always overcome my rational. I need to learn to be rational towards my feelings and action. This is how we are learning to improve ourself to be a better one that we are proud of. That's what i been telling myself.

Happy Birthday to me!


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