Sweet Sweet Tooth Dessert @ Marina Square

Happy Birthday Seatfu!
Today is the day a young lady who overcome challenges ahead and working towards her happiness. Thanks for being there as a patient listener for me and provide me positive energy when i am down and learn through the heaps of obstacles through these few years.

This dessert shop is recommended by her when we met at Marina Square on early August. It's her date with the bf and it is a good place for sweet tooth session as well. It is absolutely taste like the name of the dessert shop.

Aug Babies
Chocolate fondant @ S$7.90 
Warm self saucing cake with green tea ice-cream. I always tried chocolate brownie with vanilla ice-cream. But i never expect the combination with green tea ice-cream would turn out to be perfectly yummy as well. Warm chocolate cake with the cold ice-cream blend into your mouth. Aww...saliva is drooling now!

The owner recommended Aussie Pavlova @ S$6.90 per serving
Meringue with whipped cream, fresh fruits, passion fruit pulp sauce. It's full of sweetness but not overdose. Personally feel refresh with the fruits to compel with the whipped cream. You won't feel so fattening in terms of psychology minds?haha! I totally buy over by this dessert.

Thanks for being there, girl. 
Self shoot using iphone with apps.

Few snapshots of the dessert shop. The design of the shop is simple and comfortable. I will definitely pay a visit again to try other desserts listed in the menu.
 It is located at B1 , Marina Square Mall. 


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