Post Celebration for Angel @ Hangang Korean Restaurant

This post happened on 20th July which i know it is superb outdated. Pardon me being slow like a tortoise updating my blog. I been busy working OT almost everyday. So my youngest sis was telling us that her 18th birthday will be very plain because it happens on weekdays and we are not at home to celebrate for her. So we (my 2 other sisters and me) decided to have a post birthday celebration for her on friday night.
Rachel bought a deal for the dinner celebration. The name of the restaurant of this place is not the same as the name stated in the deal voucher that she purchased. It's named HanKang Korean BBQ Restaurant on the deal but the signage outside the restaurant is named HanGang restaurant.
It's kinda disappointing when i arrive the place. It is reachable by taking MRT to Little India Station and Exit A to reach the restaurant. It is a short walking distance when you exit from Exit A and basically the restaurant is located at the back lane. It's not easy to be notice as you don't expect the restaurant is near to the dustbins and rubbish at the back lane.

The foods are totally disappointing as well.You can see from the picture by yourself. The food varieties are limited as well. The pancake is simply tasteless and the noodles are like maggi mee taste only.There are flies flying around the serving table and you need to be alert to shake them all away so that you can have your dinner.  

Basically i only eat BBQ chicken with white rice for the whole dinner. The frozen chicken and pork are the only choice that i can go for to have my dinner.

One thing to note that the place is not air-condition and only ceiling fans and standing fans to support the ventilation area.

The space between the tables are quite squeezy as well.
 We don't really enjoyed the dinner. 
So we headed to Bugis+ (formerly known as Illuma) for movie treat to the birthday girl. We watched Abraham Lincoln : Vampire Hunter which ended around 11 plus and i managed to catch the last bus back to home. Luckily still can save money on the cab fare :p

We watched the movie at FilmGarde and had bad experience with the staff attitude. Nevertheless the management has provided us a complimentary movie ticket as a token of appreciation on the feedback. It was quite a surprised for us that they do really value customers' feedback and provide the appropriate action over it. 

Ended my post with my sis grumpy face as she can't watch the movie she wanted that night. Oh man... time flies!She is a big girl now!


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