Project 365: Marks the end of July

#1) 24/7: Early farewell dinner for one of the colleague

#2) 25/7: OT-ing for the week as usual. Guess what Yunita & I found in the life? It's the flying cockroach in the lift doesn't want to come out. We were scare stiff then.

#3)26/7: Treat from my lady boss- Durian chocolate dessert!Yummy!

#4)27/7: Went to collect the sponsored Dove sets. Gonna blog about it soon!

#5)28/7: Homecook dinner on Saturday night

#6)29/7: Nenek's rice dumplings which is superb delicious!

#7)30/7: Unexpected handmade chocolate cake from colleague

#8)31/7: OT-ing for the day as well. Never ending work :(


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