Dean & Deluca Brunch

It was a fine Sunday noon where we decided to have our brunch at Dean & Deluca. ( was basically a week ago)I had heard about the reviews through the word of mouth and also website reviews. Finally i got the chance to curb my cravings and visual satisfaction on this fine day.

The deli cafe comes with the black and white theme and it makes the whole store and cafe a very clean and comfortable overall look. It was crowded with people and everyone was looking for seats when we reached there around 3pm. We need to hunt for empty seats as it is a self-service concept. We will need to order the foods and they will serve later.

Along the pathway towards the ordering counter and seats,there is a corner for grocery shoppings. They sell many range of ingredients and sauce for western cuisine.
 It was a perfect place to shop around while waiting for the food to be served.
We ordered Americano coffee and Mango drink (forgotten the actual name of the drink).

Random photos of the items available in the racks.

All day breakfast: American breakfast which is a sumptous breakfast set.
 Love the taste of the mashed potatoes and it is soft texture of the scrambled eggs. It was just nice portion for one.

They do sells wide range of pastry and you can order the pastry and enjoy a cup of coffee for tea time. It would be perfect for catch up session with friends.

Oh ya Yunita ordered New York Salmon with scrambled egg breakfast (not sure the exact name of the dish). She commented too salty for the smoked salmon but overall is just nice. The serving and the presentation is colourful under the perfect lights. It seems small in the photo but it actually fills up the stomach of a person.

It was a good experience to dine here except for queuing up and finding place to seat. The service staffs are quite friendly too. They always put a smile on their faces. I think it is a good working attitude they have here. I would definitely head over to try on other desserts and breakfast menu.

Sunday ended up with a therapy before headed back home for rest and start to work throughout the week.

Till then...


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