Bakerzin @ Yishun Northpoint

Short post before i continue with Bandun last post :)
Headed to Yishun for unfinished business with Seatfu yesterday after I back from JB. The timing was just nice for dinner and she wanted to treat me dessert.
So we headed to  Bakerzin. Menu list can be found from the website as well.
Since she needs to be back home for homecook dinner, I opt for Chef’s salad from the menu list. I am glad to choose this salad and it’s exceptionally refreshing and delicious for me. The combination was rather special than the ones that I had before.

Chef’s Salad @ S$13.50
Slivers of honey baked ham, roast beef, turkey, Spanish red onions, dried cranberries and walnuts tossed with a homemade dressing and topped with a hard-boiled egg. You can have the crunchy bites when u bite the walnuts, the lettuce with the baked ham, roast beef, turkey and the red onions blew me away. I don’t like the taste of the onions but the smell and taste of the onion is able to cover up with the combination. Totally not dried at all. Seatfu loves the walnuts especially.

Dessert is a must to cheer one’s mood. Especially chocolate as it is my favourite for all time. We decided to go for Warm Chocolate Cake @ S$11.50 per serving. The service staff informed us that the serving time takes approximately 10-15 minutes for this dessert.
It’s Bakerzin signature molten chocolate cake served with homemade vanilla ice-cream and fresh berries. The presentation is nice but not the vanilla ice-cream. It was melting when it is served. I believe that it has been placed a while before they served it out to us. The taste does not disappoint us though with the combination.
It was a pleasant dinner with great companion.
 We had a good catch up session over the dinner.


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