Situ Patengang, Bandung

After Kawah Putih, we wanted to go to Tangkupan Perahu which is famous with the volcanic crater but it was closed for maintenance that day. So,we continue our journey towards Situ Patengan.
Situ Patengan, comes from Sundanese "Pateangan-teangan" with the meaning is each other looks for. The legend was shared by that formerly there is a couple of lover named Ki Santang and Dewi Rengganis . They were split-ups for long period and was forced to split under certain circumstances. Their tears formed a lake there and named Situ taken from the word teangan pateangan which was said earlier.
Boats are available and the colors of the boats are bright enough and outstand the surroundings. It was peaceful and calm when u step into this place. The entrance fee was around Rp7000 (entrance fee per person + car (which is shared among total people in a car)). So basically less than SGD1 per entrance fee.
Water transportation facilities are available such as rowboat rentals, boat and water bikes at a price which is negotiable with owner. There are many stalls along a path where they sell souvenirs and foods which is owned by the people who are staying at the area. However, when we arrive there after 4pm, most of the stalls are closed. So it was very quiet and calm feeling. We didn't rent the boats but just walked around the reservoir and snap photos.

This stall sells very interesting vegetables. There are indonesian brinjal which is called terong belanda. It can be raw eat and also make into juice based on the local recommendation. But we did not buy and try. There are many locals grow their own strawberries and sold to tourists at very cheap price. The taste of the strawberries are the same we have in Malaysia and Singapore.

Love the shadow photos taken during sunsets.
All photos taken using iphone & Samsung phone. #nofilter or #noedit. Perfectly nice and i am loving it!

Quiet path with all the stalls closed on that late afternoon.

After rounds of snapping non-stops at the lake, we continue our journey to Bandung town area and headed back to hotel. We came across the tea plantation along the route and went down to take a few snaps on the photo. It is basically like Cameron Highlands tea plantation and we can see young couples climbed up to the hill for dating and viewing the overall view of the outskirt town. It's just a simple yet happy kind of life without complicating town bust.



Evening shoot of the tea plantation which blends the green environment with the nature beauty. Sometimes, you will just feel contented having looking at the blue sky and smile your worries away...


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