Sindang Reret Restaurant & Kawah Putih @ Bandung, Indonesia

I flew again on the month of September and this time to Bandung, Indonesia.Thanks to my colleague, Yunita for inviting us to her wedding dinner. I got the chance to explore Bandung. I booked AirAsia budget flight which cost SGD192.00 for round way and inclusive of insurance and cabin luggage.
We (colleagues and beanbean) took the morning flight and reached Bandung airport around 11 plus in the morning. The flight was delayed due to the air force show running in Bandung Airport. Bandung airport was surprising small and they only have 2 counters opened that day for immigration clearance. Took us an hour plus for everyone to clear the immigration. It was sweet of Yunita to prepare the transportation for us. She has prepared 3 days transportation services and planned our itinerary based on my suggested place.
We had an hour plus journey to our lunch destination. It is highly recommended by Yunita and reviews from website, Sindang Reret Restaurant. It is a sundanese style with very calm and cosy atmosphere with fish pool in the middle of the individual dinning area. Our dinning seats are facing the  paddy field (Sawah padi) and able to listen the birds chirping sounds as well. Truly feel like having a peaceful and comfortable environment away from the bustling city.

View from our seats to another dinning area.

The fishes in the pool was superb big!!

Next we have the foods that we ordered for 5 pax which costs us  Rp265000. Consider affordable as we get to try so many dishes.
Love this dish!Karedok - It is a raw vegetable salad in peanut sauce from West Java. It is one of the Sundanese signature dish which i only knew about it on that very day. It made from cucumbers, bean sprouts, cabbage, legumes, Thai basil and small green eggplant covered in peanut sauce dressing. Splendid taste and refreshing taste!!They served with the crackers to give us the crunchy taste when we consume the salad together.

Sweet & Sour Fried Fish (Gurame). But it is recommended by waitress. The fish is slightly hard but overall is fine for us.

Tempe Goreng which is a daily dish that is not to miss by Indonesian.It is popular on the island of Java. It is made of fermented soybean.It is a nutritional characteristics and we can have it for snacks as well :)

Tauhu goreng. No much comment for this as it is normal fried beancurd.
Ayam Goreng "Sindang Reret" which is the whole kampung chicken.
 The fried chicken goes very well with the sambal chilli. The combination is great!Beanbean loves the sambal and had almost every dish to go with it. It's too spicy for me though as i am not a chilli lover.
Photo Amelia & Me with the foods!

View from our sitting view

Lunch was filling and we headed to our next destination, Kawah Putih. It took approximately 2 hours to reach there and we all slept throughout the journey. The road was bumpy and narrow too. I feel like vomitting throughout the journey beacuse the car was shaky too so i forced myself to sleep...
Random snaps throughout the journey to Kawah Putih.

Kawah Putih located at the south of Bandung and is well-known with it's beautiful lake. The main attraction of Kawah Putih is the surreal turquoise coloured lake which fills this vast dormant volcanic crater. The altitude here brings with it chilly temperatures and a light sweater is preferable. It's chilling like you are in Genting Highlands. There is an entrance fees to pay before we are allow to witness the beauty of the lake. We paid Rp 41000 for 5 pax.

Photo with Joe


Photo with colleagues & beanbean

Photo with Bean Bean

I love the beautiful nature.
All photos taken using iPhone & Samsung S3 without any filter or editting. Love the contrast of colours of nature beauty!

View from the sky..It's gorgeous right?


Dysfunctional photo which i attempt to take using the Photosynth.
Anyway, i think it still able to give you guys an overall view of the place.

Finally I get the chance to explore to such beautiful hidden place of a town. However,one thing that we can't stand is the smell of the sulfur aroma. It is very strong and we can't stay there for too long. We will have difficult breathing once we smell too much of it.
So we headed back to car by climbing the steps up back to our car and headed to next destination. I shall keep till here and continue in my next post.


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