Dinner @ Manna Story, Plaza Singapura

 Finally got the photos from cousin, Carmen. 
It's our September's cousin gathering again. This time round we have new addition member in town. So they decided to have Korean foods @ Manna Story, Plaza Singapura. 

Photos of the interior restaurant credited to Alex.

The restaurat have a homely decorations feel with pots of artificial flowers and garden designs on the walls. The surroundings are very comfortable but the seats are quite limited and narrow. We are not satisfied with the service crews as they do not have smile on their face while serving us. They are not prompt to the services as well. We waited for more than 15 minutes and asked for the ice water to be served.They are not friendly service crews as well. 

Photos below credit to Carmen's Olympus camera:-

We used soft lens filter to capture our photos :)

There are 4 side dishes for each set of main course we ordered from the menu.
The side dishes are refillable but in the end the crews are not prompt to refill them for us.


Foods that we ordered that night:-

Yukgaejang (Spicy beef soup) @ S$12.80 per serving. The soup is very spicy for us but the overall dishes are acceptable. The dishes are served hot and it makes the foods taste good!

Kimchi Jeon (Kimchi Pancake) @$7.80 per serving.
Just a simple pancake with added kimchi flavor.
 Tasteless i would say for the pancake.

Alex's choice : Bibim Naeng Myeon (Buckwheat noodles with spicy sauce) @$11.80 per serving. Feedback from Alex blog: The noodles is too soft and sticky as if it had been over-cooked while those spicy sauce though not really spicy, do not really taste well inside my mouth. I didn't get to taste it so i cannot comment on the taste wise.

Bibim Bab (Steamed Rice mixed with assorted vegetables and Beef) @$11.80 per serving. Striking hot serving and taste like bibimbab. Haha! I love the half raw eggs as it blend well into the hot pipping rice and the vegetables. Delicious for me although it is very spicy for me.

We ordered another type of pancake to serve as ala carte. 
Pa Jeon (Spring Onion Pancake) @$7.80 per serving. The spring onion pancake taste better although the overall taste is tasteless. 
Thanks to the spring onion that added into the taste of the plain pancake.

Sundubu Chigae (Soft Beancurd Soup) @$11.00 per serving.Rachel's choice as she wants to have less meat consuming. It's basically beancurd mixed with vegetables and blend into the kimchi soup base. 

Dinner was pleasant with cousins companion. We had bonding session together and share laughter together. New member of the gathering this time and we are looking forward for more members to join us. 

Took a group photo to mark the end of the gathering of the night :)


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