Canele @ Raffles City Shopping Centre

 I was browsing my blog post and i realized that i left out this post. This is supposed to be post up during august which is on my birthday week but it was left in the post until today. It was a friday night few days before my birthday. My sister suggested to have sisters' gathering and we decided to meet up at Raffles City Shopping Centre after work. I turned up almost 9pm and we decided to go for Canele Patisserie for dinner cum desserts.

The foods that we ordered that night:-

Pancake style which is quite similar with roti canai style. Combination of fresh vegetables and turkey hams and delightful sauce to go with the crepe.

Spaghetti with mushroom sauce and ham. Not sure the actual name of the dish but it is definitely a creamy one. It is awfully sinful for me as i feel that my weight increase with the creamy sauce.Ahaha... 

Laurel ordered sandwiches with eggs and hams if i am not mistaken. It's surely a big portion one and she can only stuffed part of it. 
Very filling one!


Desserts that we ordered:-
Le Royale is definitely a good choice for chocolate lover. A slice that costs S$7.48 is surrounded by the wall of chocolate glaze and almonds and topped with the heavenly bubble dark chocolate that melts into your mouth.

In love with their desserts. No wonder Canele is always in the dessert list if you google search through website. It definitely live up with their reputation. The desserts are very rich with ingredients and presentation. The presentation has taken the limelight of the day as it will attracts sweet tooth lovers to order. I do admit i am one of the sweet tooth lover. It totally brighten up the day when it slips into my mouth. I sound exaggerate? But i am chocolate lover and this dessert really satisfied my cravings for chocolate taste.

Address of the outlets:-

Shaw Centre


Raffles City Shopping Centre


Jas said...

Good choice.. ;p

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