Arnold's Fried Chicken for Lunch

Ever since we have a new colleague joined us, he always think of driving out to look for nice and affordable food. We went to Arnold's Fried Chicken located at City Plaza for lunch. I only came to know about the existence of the fastfood restaurant from the mouth of colleague. Surprisingly Arnold's has a long history back then.

It was long queue when we reach around 1plus. Never did i expect the queue was so long. We waited for about 15 minutes to get a seat. So, while we are waiting for our seat, we ordered our choice while waiting for the seats.

Finally we got our seats and waiting for our foods to be served. 
Photos taken using iPhone 4s for your viewing pleasure:-

The foods are served pipping hot! The spring chicken skin is very crispy and the meat is tender and soft as well. The taste is different from KFC and McDonalds. It is also the preferences for Malays. My Malay colleagues are in love with Arnold's. I can see that there have many Malay customers patronizing the outlet when we were there.

The plain bread is slightly oily a bit but it's still taste good when we have it with the coleslaw and mashed potatoes. I personally think the bread is softer than KFC bread though.

The mashed potatoes tasted like Popeye's version and similar to 7-eleven quick bite mashed potato. Coleslaw taste similar to KFC and not much big differences.

Overall the taste is acceptable like any other fastfoods but the size of the chicken is quite small compared to KFC. As for the price wise, it's slightly pricey for me if we order individually. The price range per pax is around S$7 and above for the foods & drinks.


Arnold's Fried Chicken
810 Geylang Road
 #02-99/101 City Plaza
+65 6746 2372


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