Birthday Celebration @ Ootoya Japanese Restaurant

 We had Fei's birthday celebration few weeks back. Luckily for me as this time round I am not the last person who reached. It's such a rare case as i always the last one or second last person to reach for the gathering. So, there is improvement though!hehe! Initially we wanted to have our dinner at a korean restaurant at Orchard Central recommended by YL but in the end we sat for like 15-30 minutes, we decided to go for other options. 

In the end, we choose Ootoya Japanese restaurant for celebration. It's my all time favourite choice for homely made feel japanese cuisine. We managed to get a place for 8 pax and the servings are quite promptly. 

Photos of the foods that we ordered that night:-

Sumibutadon set meal @ S$23.50 
Rice bowl with charcoal grilled pork and sweet sauce. Love the charcoal grilled style which makes the whole meal more appertizing!

Shogayaki Set meal @ S$23.50
It's sauteed ginger pork with a set of refillable rice, miso soup and side dishes. 
My friend commented too much of ginger slices but overall was nice.

My Torisalad set! 
You can read my post here and here for Ootoya post.

Yap's order from Shio Koji Menu.
Buta Shio Koji jyu @S$23.50 for set meal. The combination of grilled pork loin marinated with shio koji sauce and served with potatoes and vegetables. Absolutely lovely combination. The pork loin is tender and the meat is juicy as well. Totally worth value for a homely set meal.

It's birthday celebration so a birthday cake is a must. Fei's healthy conscious guy so we got him non-sugar green tea cheesecake. The cake is ordered online from a website. It was yummy and sweet though without any sugar except the green tea powder from the top topping a bit bitter. 
The cake is a bit pricey though around S$60 plus.
Definitely a good choice and try for the cake.

Most of the photos are at Fei's camera so not uploaded here. 
So here I have the instax photos taken that night which round up the post for the day :)

It has been a yearly event in our list for every single pax birthday celebration. 
It's the effort to be together and gather together for a purpose. It is really rare as everyone starts to have their own family and partners. Glad that my friends still are in to such bonding sessions.


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