Bad Experience with Tiger Airways on 10th Nov

It is supposed to be an awesome start of the weekend on my second week of November but it turned out to be disaster. Woke up 5plus am to get prepare to catch the 8.10am flight from Singapore to Penang. I reached changi airport terminal 2 approximately 6.40 am and the queue at row 12 was dramatically long queue. I was shocked to see the queue and only 2 check-in counters are opened for Penang & Taipei flight. 

I was getting worried as the time passes the queue are the same and not moving at all. It was like 7 am and I was getting worried.So i left my luggage in the queue and went to the information counter to ask. There were few people surrounded the staff and keep asking questions. There is no information saying flight delayed and we only being notified when people start to ask. The official announcement was made after 7.15am or even later which i can't remember the exact timing. I was feeling worried and frustrated at the same time as the staff did not mentioned flight delay and no further information was provided. The screen started to show 'System breakdown'. And the only counter is open using manual check-in system.

It was terrible and the airport staffs are trying to please us with candies and mineral water. I stand for 2 hours and 50 minutes just to get myself check-in to catch the flight. All the Tiger Airways flights are delayed due to the system breakdown. I managed to get myself check-in approximately 9.20am and were told to board immediately. The flights are ready to board by then.

I reached penang around 11.30-11.40 am and byi, luar and kyew have reached penang for quite sometime already. They started off the journey from KL to penang around 8am and reached earlier than me. It's terrible and frustrated as i am alone i couldn't walk away for breakfast or quick bite.

Everyone was confused and shocked when they see the queue. The queue has form the shape of long snake and everyone was taking photos away on the situation. Everyone was in puzzled and we need to approach the airport staffs to ask on the upcoming situation. No direction or guidance were given at all and we were told by the official announcement around 8.20am (if i can remember clearly) which supposed the flight should have taken off.

I managed to settle down into the plane around 10.20am and the people are flooding into the plane which tired and exhausted look. I was like.. finally i get into the plane and set off to Penang to start my weekend.

There is also news featured on New Straits Times regards to this issue as well. You can click here to see the stories of the system breakdown on that day.


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