Chinatown Seng Kee, Kuala Lumpur

November has been a busy month from the start. I spend my first weekend of the month at Kuala Lumpur. Thanks to rui for his hospitality over the weekend. We reached KL around 10plus and we headed to chinatown Seng Kee located at Jalan Sultan, Petaling Jaya Street.The last time i had them was 1-2 years ago with Sin Yee if my memory never fails me.

The kitchen is just by the road side and the ingredients and kitchen utensils are all prepared outside. So, if you are concern with hygiene, you might want to think twice. 
But the foods are as good as it taste.

The famous Lao Shu Fen (Rice noodles) with raw egg. 
It's their signature dish and very rich with their ingredients. It is served with claypot and pipping hot. The minced meats are covered on top of the rice noodles and when it mix together with the raw eggs, it taste delicious. The texture is smooth and Q as the raw egg are mixed together and cover the first layer of the rice noodles. It can just slipped through the chopsticks.

Another famous signature dish- Siew Yuk Noodles. 
The noodles are wantan mee or also known as sang meen which topped with siew yuk and cooked with dark soy sauce. It's superb dark, greasy with the siew yuk( fried roast pork) and lotsa garlic mixed together with the noodle. I don't really favor it as it is greasy and oily for me

Too much of the oily, greasy and meaty dishes, we ordered a plate of vegetable to go with it.
 No much comment on the vegetables but it's truly chewy and fresh.

As for the price wise, i personally think is affordable. It's around RM10++ per pax for the dishes and drinks we ordered. Absolutely worth trying KL signature dish which open for business for late nights. There are always people come here purposely to have it for supper after their clubbing sessions or whatever reason.

No proper address found in website. So if you wish to give it a try, take a left immediately after Nando's when you are heading towards Petaling Street (Jalan Sultan). Just keep heading straight and you will see the restaurant at the end on your right side.
Good Luck!!


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