Brunch with Antipodean @ Bangsar

We headed for brunch the next day noon to be exact. I finally get the chance to patronize Antipodean located at Bangsar Baru. I seen many good reviews through the website and looking forward to explore the culture cafe. The cafe has the similar concept like Wild Honey in Singapore. So, you can imagine the concept behind.

Antipodean - pronounced "" (adj) means:-
(1) coming from or relating to Australia or New Zealand
(2) Ancient Greek: anti "opposed" pous "foot" opposite points on the globe.

The cafe was already occupied by crowds and we are in the waiting list. We waited for approximately 15 minutes to get a seat. The queue is like never ending so you can imagine the business is booming.

Photos taken using Canon camera:-


Rare scene phone of Elaine & Me

The lists of foods & drinks menu are all scribbled with chalk across the board of the cafe wall. We have difficulties looking at the menu as the place is already crowded with people and we need to stand and turn our heads around up and down, here and there to see the available choices. It would be best to have the hard copy of the menu on hand so that we can flip it and choose carefully.

Mango Lassi @ RM10 which truly mango with thick fruit taste of drink

Iced Cappucino @ RM10

Iced Mocha @ RM19

Big Breakfast @ RM19 per serving. The combination of toast bacon with scrambled eggs and sauteed mushroom. The portion was just nice but it's overdose of scrambled eggs for me as i can't finish it all. Taste is as good as it looks.The scarmbled eggs are moist and buttery taste and i love to eat them with the grain bread.

Scrambled eggs salmon with toast @ RM19 per serving. The combination of the salmon with scrambled eggs to go with the fresh salads and grain bread does give a choice for salmon lover. It's the choice of Elaine as she loves salmon.

It's absolutely a decent choice to hop by if you are staying in KL. Such a rare opportunity to have lovely brunch with affordable price for whole day breakfast in KL. It is lovely to have gathering and bonding session with loved ones and friends but try not to have them over the weekend as it is surely packed with people and you just have to speak slightly louder to each other.

Asides to this, no reservations are allowed and only accept walk-in customers. The customers' turnover is quite fast so it's reasonable that no reservations are allowed. So be prepare to wait a while before getting seated for your lovely brunch

Location address:-

Antipodean Cafe
20, Jalan Telawi 2
Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-22820411
Open 8am-10pm on all days


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