China House @ Georgetown, Penang

It has almost 2 years since i step into Penang again. This time is for my friend's wedding which falls on 11th November. I booked my flight many months ago once i received notification from the buddy. I reached Penang one day earlier before the wedding. Boon Yi recommended me a nice place called China House which is located between Beach Street & Victoria Street. The amazing heritage old shop houses terrace place transformed into a cafe cum dine-in place & art gallery for customers.

I am amazed with the structures and the decorations of the place. It truly a colonial place which makes us feel so vintage and comfortable for leisure time. However, one thing to take note that the parking space is limited and you might have difficulties to find place to park your car. It's worth though to give it a try here and enjoyed the atmosphere and the ambiance of such a cosy place. 

Each area of the place has different theme and the dinning areas option are available indoor and outdoor too. Too bad as i am using iPhone to take photos so spare me from my poor quality photos of the place.

We went there on 11th November which is happened to be Boon Yi's birthday. So we have a mini celebration. Just two of us only with a nice meal and companion. Each table is set up with white 'mahjong' papers. I even saw some of the customers drew on the papers so i requested for colour pencils from the staff. Guess what, i got the brand new crayon set. I was kinda happy to reminisce my favourite drawing session with colourful crayons. I drew a birthday cake on the papers.
Let the photos below do the talking:-

Chinese Pear Salad - RM30 per serving. 
It's one of the popular salad which served with shaved parmesan, cranberries, coriander, cashews, red onions and crispy greens. I can taste the sweetness and sour taste from the combination. It makes my appetizing more appealing. I love the colours of the salad too. 

Boon Yi's Beef Curry Spaghetti - RM28 per serving.
The presentation looks tempting to us. The beefball taste good. The meat is not tough and still manageable. I love the curry sauce made to accompany the spaghetti.

The recommendation drink- Gula Melaka Pistachio Shake -RM16
I don't really like it though because it is way too sweet for me. The taste is strong too. I can't take it and didn't finish them in the end :(

Boon Yi with the cake

Dessert always served after main course. We headed to the desserts area to pick the cakes we want. They served varieties of cakes and it looks good and taste good too in my point of view. We choose Banana Trutle Torte - RM15 per slice. It was 'huge' slice for us. The taste is fascinating. The sweetness of banana with the chocolate makes the overall taste bud feels satisfying. 
After the lunch, we headed upstairs level 2 to see the art gallery. It was understand that there is different theme of art exhibition going on monthly. This time round we saw the circus art exhibition. I took some of the photos from the gallery and here I am sharing for your viewing pleasure.

*All photos taken using iPhone 4s* 

Location address:-

China House
153- 155 Lebuh Pantai
10350 Penang, Malaysia
Tel: +604 2637299


g.ta said...

what a cute place!! and food looks yummy!! =`)

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