Dessert First @ Liang Seah Street

This is recommended by Yap after our dinner.
It is located along the Liang Seah Street which is famous with Ah Chew's Desserts. Guess more and more competitors coming their way along the streets. Neverthless the desserts shops are always full house.

Durian Snow Ice @ S$6.00 per serving.
It is extremely heaven!The durian is super rich and they are generous with the servings. But beware if after serving because your mouth is full of durian smell.

November birthday guy in the picture..

Green Tea Snow Ice with red bean S$5.00 per serving.
Green Tea is always to go with red bean and it makes a perfect combination. The snow ice is smooth and it just melt into your mouth.

Mango Snow Ice S$5.50 per serving
Pure generous mango colour is beautiful on the serving.
The taste is sweet as it looks.

The place is a bit squeezy though.
 It's a self-order counter available and the staffs will serve the desserts once it is ordered. Our seats are so close with the next table and our movement cannot be extreme otherwise we will occupied next table.
 That's how dessert shop design is for nowadays.

We ended our day with instax wide photos.
Love all the photos taken!


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