Desserts to TRY @ KL


Desserts are always a must whenever we had our main course. It marks the perfect dinner. The current desserts choice in KL would be Tong Pak Fu and SnowFlakes. I had both when i went to KL on the first weekend of this month (November).

We headed to Tong Pak Fu located at Subang Jaya. Tong Pak Fu (in Cantonese) is actually a famous Ming Dynasty scholar. Fu carries the connotation of shop, Tong refers to 'Tong Shui' or dessert while Pak symbolises the blooming of different varieties and styles. The combination then brings out the message of 'a dessert shop offering myriad of choices"-be it traditional or new flavours. (Source: Malaysiamostwanted website). The dessert branches are expanding fast in Malaysia. 
The famous Treka Durian- durian snow ice dessert which is extremely sinful! Very rich durian taste and the snow ice is nicely done! No much comment but once you taste it, you will enjoyed it. It will be a wise choice for durian lover.

We also ordered the Matcha (Green Tea) Snow ice with red bean. No much comment as well as it really taste like green tea and the snow ice is nicely done as well. All I can say this is Malaysia's snow ice version which is popular among Malaysian desserts kaki as well.


Next we have the Snowflake, Taiwanese dessert that began popular few years back.The business is booming and franchise branches are available in the market We had snowflakes for desserts on the day before Elaine and I headed back to Singapore. It's her first try and she loving it as well. I miss the taste and this time round i am able to reminisce the taste of the icy snowflakes with the yummy taro ball. I personally feel that no other desserts stall are able to copy the exact same taste of taro ball like here. It's really chewy and Q! I love to chew them and eat them with the snowflakes.

Location address:

The first ever outlet in KL
No. 61A, First Floor, Jalan SS15/8A, 
Subang Jaya, 47500 Selangor 


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