Max Brenner Chocolate Bar @ Esplanade Mall

It is such a random decision that we headed off for a quick dinner after work and headed to our actual aim to have chocolates! We are chocolate lovers and it is a great start of the week and of course to kill Monday Blues.
We headed to Max Brenner Chocolate Bar located at Esplanade Mall to satisfy our cravings. It is purely base on recommendation from the website. We are basically greedy at the spur moment and end up too full at night.

My choice is the best recommendation desserts-
Melting Chocolate Truffles Heart Cake & Shake S$16.00.
 It is served with vanilla bourbon ice-cream. Strawberry and iced milk chocolate shot. The description was too fascinating that you couldn’t tell from the menu that it is actually a chocolate lava cake. Sinful I would say and it is very VERY rich chocolate. The smell was simply alluring. The combination of the vanilla ice-cream with the chocolate soufflĂ© melted in the mouth with rich dark chocolate.

Pamela’s choice – The S’mores Connection S$13.90.
It is served with marshmallow fluff, milk chocolate mousse,graham crackers and caramelized bananas. She finished all of them within minutes. She is a dessert lovers and she enjoyed the taste of the milk chocolate mousse. The presentation of the dessert caught our attention immediately when it is served. The milk chocolate mousse to go with the marshmallow fluff makes you feel like drinking a milk chocolate but in cold version

Yunita’s choice – Banana Split Waffles S$18.90.
It is served with vanilla bourbon ice-cream, milk chocolate truffle and caramelized rice krispies. It is superb rich plate of dessert. We are awfully shocked with the presentation. It was ‘huge’ for us but we managed to finish it. I love the crispy sound when I bite the rice krispies accompany with the hot waffles and vanilla ice-cream. The chocolate syrup was all over the waffles and sweetness was surrounded us.

I think we are overdose as we ordered 3 different desserts and managed to finish them off after our main course. We had rice and noodles for dinner. It was a perfect ending with wonderful desserts on the table.
 Location Address:
Esplanade Mall #01-06/08
8 Raffles Avenue, Singapore
Tel: +65 6235 9556


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