Daily Lif3

Dun know y lately stomach not feeling well..Guess stress gua. Tat's wat my colleagues told me.This happen several times. Today is the worst to start my day. AS usual woke up 6.30am and took bus to interchange then to MRT to NOVENA station. Everything went well. Out of sudden started to feel stomach pain again once i reach the station.
I rushed to the toilet once i reach Philips Wain. I was stuck in there for 30 mins (i think) and no energy to exercise. So went for sauna instead for 15mins and actually fall asleep inside.haha~
My leave on 30th was finally approved!Finally~ but too bad the trip to KL is not confirm yet. Spoilt all my plans to go to penang from KL..Hope i can hear good news from my boss soon~Can't wait for next week...
Bought a multicooker (can steam,deep fried, steamboat) all in one at only SGD 29.90/unit from NTUC after work yesterday. persuaded Yeehui to accompany me..haha~Silly of me dun dare to go alone. Juz wanna find companion only..So, started my first cook (somen with egg) yesterday for my dinner. Yummy~~coz it's my cooking.. :)
Anyway, thinking how to allocate my $$ so that i can save more..Saving getting lesser and lesser~~
Any part-time job can recommend???
Good news~ Around 3.47pm, my boss finally decided to go to KL on 26th and 27th. So, it's my worries now. How should i get to Penang from there? Hopin Ah Yau the al can allow me to join their car there. This will be great plan for me..Awaits for the news from them~~
Hope this KL biz trip able to meet up some of my frens. Plannin how to meet as well..Perhaps this time round meet Ju?Long time didn't meet her since CNY to her house..


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