Tired +Dilema +Excitement +Loss

Had a busy week last week..Mon til Wed i have been rushing for the ERP of the company and many editing has been done. Rushing for the new outlets opening as well..Many last min jobs need to be done..

Went to KL on last Tursday & Friday..meet up with suppliers in KL and Adeline has been doing the talking..i jz sit down quietly in Pavilion..had walkabout in the outlet as well..our job ended around 8 plus and went to Jalan Aloy to have dinner..my boss treated me but i treated her the next day..haha!!dun wanna owe anything...

THen, send my boss off and followed Susam back to Pavilion. Called Cheng rui and ask him to come pick me up at pavilion.haha!had ice cream with crepe choc mousse with susam & yen leng while waiting for him to get prepared to pick me up. So, he finally arrived and we went to Wan U to Shinlin Market to have his so called lunch.."mee suam".He said very famous..jz drank soy bean milk while waiting for him to finish.

We went for movie "Incredible Hulk" and worst part is that i had a great fall from the escalator..so embarassing and i'm wearing a dress with my black socks.cos cheng rui responsed to fast dy. He jumped off saying that the cinema room is not up..wah..i also blur blur turn around and try to act like him. In the end, my leg crossed and lost balance and..down i go..MEMALUKAN!!

Anyway, the movie is quite nice as it is an action movie..We met Ju and had dinner ar THE APARTMENT at Curve.The place is nice...the seats are the beds with cosy pillow..I had lamb shank..the chicken in bag(ordered by Ju) is very nice..We took the pictures..

Chicken in Bag (Ordered by Ju)

Chicken with sum nuts (ordered by Rui)

Lamb Shank (Ordered by M3)

Dessert with yummy red strawberries & yoghurt after the main course~

Ju & m3~~

Buddies taken @ Cosy Ju's house


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