Rice paper wrapped with Vietnam rice, raw slice of pork & prawn and vegs) It's taste perfectly nice when you dipped with the sweet sauce. yummy~~

Had dinner with colleagues(YH,Cher, Rachel, Wendy) last friday after work. We went for Vietnam cuisine. Get to learn more about vietnam cuisine better. Rachel leads us the way and be our food advisor to order the foods for us.Kinda nice experience**

Up next went to one of my company outlet with my dept colleagues for photo taking and outlet visit. I need to compile the food ingredients into our e-catalogue..So, we took some pictures and enjoyed some desserts from there...It's simply great**

Annie v M3 outside the new renovated outlet~(bit blur)-camera prob..

I'm at the Bar Counter with the sake and glasses display

The special desserts for us to taste**

Did i mentioned my hp spoilt? The keypad cannot type at al.. I can't even finish the whole words whenever i reply msgs. So, i went to bought a phone below!Nice? I got it SGD270 net Cash payment yesterday. Kinda lazy to survey so went to told the boss to give me the best offer and i bargain from there..lolz..
Flip phone..i need to be gentle with it.. Purple Colour also not bad,rite? Coz no more black colour liao :( Anyway, got sponsor from CW..yeah..muackss...


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