As usual i want to play my Pet society when i back home from work but it appear like this..*Sigh* can't play!!!Argh..

Finally it's Friday and one more day to go back JB-my cosy home.lolz. Been a hectic day today. Phone Ringing non stop since the morning til knock off.

Nothing to blog for these few days..didn't go out for any nice foods or any places.No photos as well.hehe!But for sure i will hv photos to upload soon..wait and c ya..

My Vivitar camera is finally here...Sure u are wondering how does it look like..

It's a very simple camera without in-flash features. It's so called traditional camera which you need to put films into it. You can only see the result after you develop the photos.haha!I will try it and show the results once i tried it.

P/S: Still figuring the festures of photoshop..Damn complicated!Still struggling to know how to edit nice ones..


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