Myanmar Cuisine

This is my first attempt on Myanmar cuisine which i never thought of havin it. Went to marina square on sunday with SSC after a walk to the fair from suntec. We was like 'wat's for dinner'. Asking each other wat to eat.Since marina square has many choices, we decided to search for our dinner there.So, we surveyed the restaurants available there and decided to go for Myanmar cuisine. Apparently there is menu display outside the restaurant and provide set meal for 2 pax offer.

One thing about the restaurant is that there is only 1-2 tables are filled. The rest was filled with air.Can see tat the demand for this cuisine is tempting to others.Anyway, check here for the restaurant details *winks*

The Menu glimpse..

View of the restaurant wall. It's mounted with the pictures of how Myanmar life goes..It's alike to Malaysia life in Kampung i guess based on the pics. Seems like back to history...

We ordered the 2pax set meal. So we get to choose 2 main dish and 1 side dish followed by a drink or dessert for each person. Then the rice here is butter rice with one cashew nut served. Should give more cashew nut ma..lolz.

Fried Seabass which taste like malay way of cooking. Can also said like thai cooking as well.Fresh and crispy..

The second dish is the pork with black bean paste..The pork meat is not so tender and the black bean paste tasted like our normal black bean paste which we goes with our porridge.So, u can imagine how the taste like...

Side dish- Pork Sausage..Taste so so..Then u can see the side plate with cucumber beside?Tat's called balachung by the Myanmar which we known it as belachan. The taste exactly same like the malay ones..

My dessert!Which is also bandung actually..I forget wat they named it in the menu. Understand from the staff that this is the famous dessert among Myanmar ones..Same as our Malaysian fav rite?Didn't realise tat there is many similarities. After all we are all Asian countries...
SSC wanted to order Avocado juice but sold out so replaced by strawberry juice. First time see guy drink strawberry juice. Special one. Indeed he is..haha!He commented the drink is quite sweet. But i think guy dun take sweet stuffs.
Total cost us around SGD32++. I think it will be my first and last attempt here coz i dun find it special after all..lolx..
Guess wat..we waited for an hr for cab outside marina square. Can you imagine?1 hr..All the cabs are ON CALL signs..Argh..Wanna spend $$ also dun let us spend..haha!Anyway, lazy to walk back City hall mrt, we remained waiting inpatiently for the cab..


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