On the rainy saturday, i met up v bestie at KT as she is back from KL and at the same time my family members travelling back to KT as well.Jz a nice timing so we had gal's talk in the afternoon at SDS. The only cafe i can think of for 'tea time' in the town. Tried to think of others to join but then one went for convo, some is still on their way back frm sg, some busy with these and that. End up only Ju & me..
Ordered light snacks :-

Black Forest Cake sliced ordered by her

Her Drink..forgot the name..& below is my Ice Chocolate. But taste like coco milo..i was expecting ice chocolate tasted like Spinelli..haha!

Followed by french fries..all time fav of mine.I jz realize tat been addicted to eat sinful stuffs.Fried stuffs practically not good for health but somehow i jz love it..

Tauhu bakar which i think not nice compared to those in mamak stall.haha!I mean malay stalls.Anyway, not the food tat counts but the time spend time together chit chatting and laughing :)

We parted around 4plus and i headed to my aunt's shop and waited for her for almost an hr plus..Dinner at my grandma house and drove back home v my family..

P/S: Was expecting P.har to come but then she sms-ed that kuo rui is not coming back to jb..miss the chance to meet up..dun know when can we meet up again...


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