Serene Farewell

It has been a week since i last updated.No special programme. But what i have here is the group photo with the nice foods.Our department went to a coffeeshop 2 stops away from my office area to have dinner. The Czzar foods there has no much varieties but the foods i can say thumb up!It's worth it..We had chit chat after the dinner. The whole dinner costs SGD68.50.

The ladies of the Procurement department

I wanted to upload more but then my M1 online broadband is damn lousy. After several attempts to try to upload, i decided to give up..Did i mentioned that i had nose bleeding again while having my dinner yesterday. I think you can see the tissue on the table from the picture.Those are my nose blood stain.

Finally i decided not to give myself any excuses not to see doc. So, i went to consult doc after my work today. Then the clinic doc refer me to nose specialist. Kinda scary now..I'm going for the doc appointment next monday. The consultation fee is quite expensive. The nurse told me the specialist consultation costs SGD90.Omg...

So, i'm waiting impatiently for next Monday appointment to get the prob solved. Between, my dentist appointment tmr.Scary moments again..

Oh ya..i received email from a fren of mine. JUST MARRIED the title of the email with her attached wedding photos v her Aussie husband. So sweet of her to share with me..


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