B'day Celebration

Before i talked about the b'day celebration, show you the egg tart treat from one of the colleague.Simply sinful and tempting rite?

Below pic is like caterpillar rite?Anyway, i dun know wat's the name of it. I only know how to eat. haha!It's actually wrapped with peanut crushed in it.
We went to Zhou's Kitchen located at Square2 after work yesterday to celebrate one of the colleague's early b'day celebration.
First pic is the the b'day gal with her husband and husband's fren..
The food there is so-so only. I still prefer Dian Xiao Er.But the roasted duck here not bad as well. Below is the whole roasted duck before the service staff do the slicing of the skin of the roasted duck for us.

The service staff is cutting the skin out of the whole duck...

Once she finished cutting the skin out, we were served with the egg crepe and cucumber to go with it. Of course with the special sauce as well. The sauce is sweet and blend well with the crepe and the skin of the roasted duck.
As for the rest of the dishes, i dun find it appealing so i shall not elaborate further. Actually lazy to blog long long dy..hehe!Some random photos below:-

Colleagues from another department

m3 with the 2 gals

The foods that we oredered and followed by the FOC-complimentary juices from the restaurant. Looks exclusive from the presentation.I so loving it.I think most of us took a shot with the tube glass. Looks like the tabung uji we used during secondary schools chemical class..

A different kind of feeling and it makes everyone so excited over it.Like kampung ppl..haha!
Edited it and i think it looks much more nicer..haha

Lastly we took a group photo before we leave the restaurant...

Total bill was SGD280.60 for 12pax but paid by 11pax. B'day gal not included.
So tiring and worry about the nose scanning next mon.Hopefully it's alright.
Worry a big hole in my pocket after the scanning on monday..
Nowadays sg medical bills are damn expensive..i hardly survive... T___T


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