Farewell Dinner @ Astons

We (my colleagues and i) had a pre-celebration for Xue Ping farewell dinner last Thursday. We decided to try Astons Specialities located at Cathay Building. Total 15ppl of us. A lot people hor...haha!So, we make it an effort to knock off at 5.30pm to go there to queue. The restaurant does not allow reservation. The business is apparently doing very well. The customers turnover is super high. It's very long queue. The orders were taken before we even seated in the restaurant. They took our order while we are queuing.
Click here to check out the restaurant. They have 3 concepts but selling the same western foods
Random photos

Our table numbers..We took up 5 tables to fit 15ppl. Can you imagine how big is our group?The restaurant staffs have difficulties to allocate us..

And worst part is that we need to order at least 12 main courses before they allow us to be in the restaurant. They dun wanna have heavy traffic flow outside the queue i guess. 12 main courses with only 11 ppl present. The other 4ppl still on their way .But turned out that we are still hungry even we whipped up all the dishes..hungry ghost!haha!

Random 2 again. Took HL 16continous shoots from my camera. She really good in posing..Too bad the lights are dark so can't get a well pic of it..

Touching moment..XP is giving her speech and tears rolling down non-stop. She also made our eyes red red.We will miss her...

Random pic again..SC's husband and his colleague, Desmond.

HL & M3 trying to hold the lamp post...

View of the Cathay building.Nice rite especially the lights...

Lastly we have group photo taken before everyone headed back home..


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