♥ just because someone flirts with you,

doesn't mean that they likes you.

just because someone likes you,

doesn't mean that they want to go out with you.

just because someone goes out with you,

doesn't mean that they love you.

just because someone love you,

doesn't mean that they won't hurt you.

because people lie&things change,boyfriend cheat, bestfriend leave.

♥ we've become strangers;but we're strangers with a past.
♥ she guards the gate but lost the key.

so no one enters and no one leaves.

♥ she's standing on the line between giving up & seeing how much more she can take.

♥ i'm not going to get upset & i'm not going to care

because everytime i did, it never got me anywhere.

♥ find a heart that will love you at your worst,
and arms that will hold you at your weakest.
♥ i've been fighting the urge to text himand tell him that i miss him.
♥ i like dead end signs.
i think they're considerate.
at least they have the decency to tell you when you're going no where.
♥ why wear my heart on your sleevewhen it looks so good in your hands?
♥ i just want to be happy
is that so much to ask for?
♥ i wonder who came up this word - forever.
♥ she randomly smiles because shes thinking of you.


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