Bestie Hang Out

 It was a pleasant weekend after all although there is a hiccups on friday night. I was rushing off to singapore to run errands after work and caught up with jam at the customs and was late for the appointment. Thank god the customers are quite nice fellows. After the errands, i rushed over to Bugis to meet up with sisters to sign up for the phone plan but it was CLOSED!Why singtel shops closed so early even before 9.30pm.Arghh...So in the end went back home around 11.30pm and went to bed. Tiring friday night.

Received an sms from bestie on saturday and headed off to KSL to meet her. 

*Photos credited to Ju from her FB*

Ju and her precious princess
I drove to KSL around 4pm and we hang out at Toastbox for light refreshment but doesn't stay long until her precious went actively moving here and there. I still remember vividly yann yann wasn't so actively when i last saw her during cny. Children nowadays are so active.So we had window shopping and the precious fall asleep on the arm of her mummy.I must salute Ju as she can carry her for so long and even continue shopping. She told me she is used to it already. I doubt i can do the same as her next time.

Then came her husband to meet up with her and had a chit chat session and consultation from calvin hoping i will heed it and work out on the changes.

Joined Ju's family for dinner
3 babies on the dinner table and well behaved. Teon's family has a way with babies.Everyone able to have their dinner peacefully without much disturbance. 

That's all for my weekend.Nothing much except hang out on saturday with bestie and expecting to meet up with a friend on that night but there is change of plan so there it goes my weekend. How about urs?


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