Renewal of Passport in Malaysia

Still remember my post of my lost passport experience posted last year?So for this post is about passport renewal in Johor Bahru, Malaysia.

My sis and i brought my mum to have her passport renew last saturday. The immigration office has moved to Setia Tropika which is nearer to my house in terms of distance. Do you know that we can actually print out the form and get it prepare to apply directly once we reach? You can always get the form here. The details for the passport renewal in terms of requirements and documents needed at the immigration website.

Immigration office is now open half day on saturday and sunday but not for the first week of the month. We reached the place 7.30am and we got the queue no. 63. It was supposed to open at 8am so we didn't expect it is already open.

Below is the picture of the new building at Setia Tropika.

There are few blocks at the immigration and this is the block that lead for passport renewal section. So we got the queue number below and took the lift to 3rd level to wait for our queue.

The view while we are waiting for our turn. There are 10 over counters but only half is open for service. But it wasn't that bad as it took an hour plus to service my mum. So the passport renewal for 5 years fees is RM300.The first approach was to submit the form and 2 passport size photos followed by another round call for payment.Once payment is made, the officer will give a resit for acknowledgement and collection of passport for an hour later. So after the payment is done, it was already 9.15am resit stated passport ready for collection around 10.30am.

While waiting for passport collection, we walked out of the building and to one of the mamak shop at one of the shophouses for breakfast. We had roti telur for breakfast and the mamak provide free WIFI access!

We walked back to the building for collection and drop our resit at the collection counter arcylic box. The officer took our resit and search for the passport and called out names. So mum got the passport and check her details and signed at the passport page in front of the officer and that's the whole process. It took approximately 2 hours to get everything done and the efficiency has improved. At least better than last time and the seats are available for us to seat while waiting for our turn. Anyway, it is a new building and of course everything is new.

That's the whole process of renewal passport.


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